Brand Ambassadors


Do you want to become a brand ambassador for Sustain Luxury? It's a pretty sweet gig.

At Sustain Luxury, we look for amazing individuals that represent all the best in a sustainable lifestyle. People who possess an open heart, a passion for human equality and a love for the amazing planet we live on are who we are looking for. If you are a blogger, insta-star or just a super cool person who wants to share the message of sustainable fashion and lifestyle then send us an email. Our ambassador program works as below: 

-You will get super awesome product to share across all your social media

-You will get your OWN discount code that you can promote as much as you want

-You will receive 10% of all sales before taxes and shipping made using that discount code

-You will be featured across our social media page 


If you think that you fit the criteria to became an Ambassador for Sustain Luxury, then let us know about you by sending an email to with the subject line AMBASSADOR PROGRAM.

Please note that only those who reflect the brand and lifestyle of Sustain Luxury will receive a reply with further instructions.