About Us

Who Are We?

Sustain Luxury is an online store that wants to connect our customers with the best in luxury and sustainability. 

We manufacture the best in basics so you can get dressed better and easier. Our fabrics are sourced with human rights at top of mind, looking for Canadian mills to help us achieve the most local and luxurious fabrics. Our mills are Canadian owned and operated as well as work with our needs to employ a living wage. We try our best to keep manufacturing and milling local to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. 

What Makes Us Special?

When looking at what sustainability means to us, we look at how a company should approach their art. The advancement of human rights and the environment are at the core of what Sustain Luxury strives for. We focus on suppliers that choose their yarns wisely and carefully, who knows where their materials come from, and are thoughtful in how their pieces are being made. 

 We look for natural, recycled and, organic where possible, selecting textiles that decompose naturally, rather than synthetic or artificial fabrics. The use of dyes is something that we are always looking into, trying to find new and advanced technologies. We urge our customers to thoughtfully choose quality items and to properly care for them so that they will last a lifetime. We encourage our customers to diminish waste created by throwing away old items, and remind you to instead; donate, resell or recycle unwanted items. 

We do not claim to be perfect, we just want to do what we can to make this world a better place.