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Posted: Oct 30 2016

Arbonne Cosmetics -Winnipeg Alexa Yanke

Alexa Yanke -Independent Consultant for Arbonne Canada

The make up and skin care world can be a complicated place to navigate. With so many options offering you so many choices. With so many avenues to turn down, the decision for Alexa to go with Arbonne was a simple choice. Large companies participating in home sales have been increasing in the past few years and Arbonne is at the top of the list by offering a selection that not only makes you look good, but feel good as well. The line offers products that are vegan, against animal testing, paraben free, gluten free, chemical and dye free with all food products being soy and whey free. The insides hold amazing products that are good for you, and you can feel good about the outside as well as the packaging is made out of 100% recyclable materials and is all biodegradable. While everything is botanical based it can be seen as a possible issues with rare and scares materials, however Arbonne as made a commitment to sustainable farming which includes using plentiful materials and removing items that become scarce or endangered. 

While all of these components make it sound like these items sell themselves, Alexa is hard at work bringing these products to new and old customers. Hosting parties, maintaining relationships and helping to grow her team by creating jobs for others that want to work and build their own business are all small items that build up her day. We sat down with Alexa to ask her a few questions about her business, background and future plans. Alexa is our October month Lux Lady.


How did you get started with Arbonne Canada?

I was working a regular 9-5 job in marketing for a roofing company. While it was a great company I found it wasn't fulfilling and my day to day was becoming redundant and familiar. I wanted a change and to start doing something I was truly passionate about. While at a volleyball game one day in my women's recreational league, I met a friend that had started doing Arbonne, she was telling me about the community of people that work together to help each other reach goals and build a business. It was something I could easily add to my day while keeping my current job. It felt low risk and like something I could really excel at.


What is your day to day?

Now that I have moved up and created a team under me, my day to day changes between a few items. I usually start my day with emails, answering emails from both clients and other consultants. Emails can be either questions or new clients that are interested in a party or a product. After emails are done I will spend time coaching consultants and helping them build their business. This is either teaching them about product or helping them with sales techniques. After this is done I will attend a party which consists of a few clients where we get to learn and try products while playing games and having fun. 

 What is your background?

I went to school to obtain two degrees, the first was in Conflict Resolution and the second was a Business Degree where I majored in marketing. After school I did marketing for a roofing company and then left to do Arbonne which is now my full time job. After 2.5 years working for Arbonne I went to school to become a Certified Make Up Artists where I now do freelance make up as well using my Arbonne products. It's really helped me to grow my cliental and also makes for a great asset during parties. 

What are your goals for the future?

I would really like to work my way up to be a National VP for Arbonne as well as be able to hand out the White Mercedes (which the company gives out as a sales incentive) to my team. Helping others to grow, build a business and do something fulfilling is what keeps me motivated, this company changed my life and I want to help others live the life I created for myself. I want to be an example and help others to achieve their goals. 


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