Spring Trends

Posted: Feb 24 2016

Spring comes around once every year, and every year you get thrown so many items to buy, buy, buy. But how do you know whats worth your time and money? Part of shopping sustainable is also about shopping smart, knowing where to spend your money and what to invest in. We will break down what to buy, what to keep and what will keep you polished and poised. 

Crop Tops

Crop tops sound much more scary than they are. It used to be lower rise jeans and exposed belly buttons. This spring crop tops are still around but are for many silhouettes and styles. The key to finding a crop top that you will want to wear is to find one that fits with other items in your current wardrobe. If most of your bottoms sit lower then maybe a crop top that has a longer length to it and a more a-line silhouette to keep it from looking dated. If you like things that sit higher up on your waistline, then a top like our Barbara I Gongini crop top (on sale!) work great, you cover your belly button, and expose only about 1"-2" of skin which keeps it more mature and trendy. It also helps to have a longer skirt so there is not an over whelming amount of skin exposed. Keeping balance is key.


Leisure Wear 

Atelier Delphine -Leisure wear

One of the more welcoming trends is the leisure trend. Casual, comfortable clothing that can be worn day to day without looking like you are getting ready for a track meet. The key to this trend is to keep the proportions in check. Nothing too oversized or off balance that can make you look like you are wearing your boyfriends house clothes. Something as simple as fitted black leggings, like the fair trade, bamboo Komodo leggings, are not only so soft against your skin but also very durable and wont pull or rip easily. On top if you want something a bit more cute and basic, the Atelier Delphine Clara Top is terry, so it feels like you're wearing a towel but the bubble silhouette and off the shoulder neckline add a stylish twist to it. If you find that you would prefer something a bit longer with your leggings, then something like the organic cotton button up would be great. Covers the bum but keeps the fitted sleeves in proportions. If you want to dress up or dress down these looks adding either a denim or a leather jacket with some organic sneakers or sandals.

Texture Mix

Floral Shorts

Being able to wear basics is great but sometimes having a little fun with your style can really bring it to the next level. Mixing prints with patterns can add a more elevated component to your personal style. When picking what to mix and match its best to stick to a couple of rules so you don't end up looking like you got dressed in the dark. Picking one bold print, something that says a lot about you weather it's floral or animal print and pick a colour that you really like. If you pick something with lots of colour such as the Komodo Adam Shorts, keep that your colour pallet and develop from there. We took the floral Adam Short as our main focus, the mint group with the multi colour floral print makes for a great statement piece and to compliment it, we took our Carrie Parry Silk Tee to go with it. The texture of the raw silk check is enough of a contrast from the shorts to make a visually appealing look, but still is not competing with them. It's bold with simple. 


All of these looks are available on Sustain Luxury