Leather Talk

Posted: Jan 05 2016

Everyone Loves a Leather Jacket! But How Do you Find The Best One? There are so many options out there and so many of them have a million different options. How do you know what the best option is out there? Follow these tips below to find the best option for you!
Barbara I Gongini Leather Jacket

Is It Sustainable? 

Short answer....no. Leather comes from animals, animals emit methane into the atmosphere which is not great for the environment. So why does a sustainable store sell it? Well great question! The main reason is alternative, polyurethane which is the alternative to real leather is not great for the environment. It takes a plethora of chemicals and waste to create something that is otherwise natural. It also does not decompose back into the environment after its used and put into a landfill (which eventually it will go as there is not a lot of durability in fake leather). We searched through to find food source leather which means that these free rage animals are completely used, there is no waste from the animals. The same ones used for meat are used for leather so there is less animals used (instead of one for food and then one for material which is common). We also felt that lots of people would rather wear a leather jacket than an alternative which is where we felt the need to offer a more sustainable item for these shoppers, something that is a halfway point between sustainable and what people want. Is it perfect? No. Is it a better alternative? Yes. 

What Style Should I Pick? 

The Best thing about leather jackets is that they are versatile. You can wear them casual with jeans and runners or you can dress it up with a maxi dress, bold necklace and a pair of heels. They are warm and if you take care o them, they can last you a lifetime. The longer you can keep something in working order it really is one of the most sustainable things you can do. The less waste the better. When looking for a jacket its best to think of what your needs are, do you want one timeless jacket that you can wear forever that will never go out of style? Then a jacket like the Barbara I Gongini Moto Jacket is the best for you. It is in homage of the James Dean Rebel With a Cause days where the bad boy ruled the streets. Moto styles go great with casual and dress up and will take you almost anywhere. If you think that maybe you want something that has a bit more pizzazz to it that people will stop and notice, then your best option would be something like the Barbara I Gongini Thumb Hole Leather Jacket. This jacket has great features to it, it has a big open collar that can also zip up for a very stylized look that will get you noticed. The silhouette is also fitted so it will feel feminine and current with its cropped length. The main feature of this is that this jacket has thumb holes (not slits but actual thumb holes), this is a very unique feature in a jacket as it is leather with thumb holes, it is something that makes for a very high fashion item and is great for someone who loves to get noticed as this will take you many places. Lastly, if you want something that is a bit more everyday, that isn't too out there or traditional, a nice middle ground is the Barbara I Gongini Washed Leather Jacket. This is a basic and more universal silhouette that can work with many looks. It gores great to the office over your trousers or skirt and also works well with jeans as well. It isn't as stylized as the thumb hole and not as common as the moto style jacket. It is a great in between style for someone who wants a great jacket but doesn't want to stand too far out in the crowd.
All in all there are many styles that you can pick and there are many places that you can choose to pick your final piece. The best thing to make sure is that the leather comes from a free range source, the labour is fair trade and that you take care of it so it last you a life time.
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