Crop Tops

Posted: Dec 07 2015

Who Can Wear Crop Tops?

This is the age old question that calls for a lot concern in the fashion world. Everyone assumes a crop top is just for young kids who like to dress as if it is the 1990s. That is hardly true! All ages can wear a crop top and to so many events. It really does not matter your size or age but more on how you style your outfit. Everyone can wear one, just read below to find out how! 

How Do I Wear One?

Crop tops come in many styles and silhouettes. Finding the one that fits you best can add a new level to your outfit. Items such as skirts and pants have high waist lines on them, this is not a new fashion trend but one that has come around from time to time. the 1940s, 1970s and 1990s all are well known for a higher waist line. When your skirt hits at your natural wast like the Lulana Skirt, it can be harder to find a top that works well with it. You don't want something that hangs to your bum or when you tuck it in, bunches under your skirt to make you look lumpy. A crop top sweater such as the Ruila Jumper is a great item to have as it will sit right where your skirt is hitting. Creating a perfect silhouette with a fitted waist to cut off the line and make for a great hour glass shape. 


What About Under?

Sometimes you look at a crop top and think "who would wear this?" Well sometimes that is the case and sometimes its not "who" but "how". Crop tops like the Barbara I Gongini Seamless Top looks terrifying on it's own. All that stomach, all that exposure...goodness! But this can be your best friend. Do you have a top that is a bit too...sheer? or you want to open up the neckline without exposing too much? A top like this is a great under shirt as you don't have to worry about getting too hot with all the layers but still get coverage that a cami would offer. Place this under the Carrie Parry blouse and you can have a great black/white contrast to your outfit, open up the neckline and still have skin open for a beautiful necklace. Or if you are feel a bit racy, it goes great under a fully sheer top for a night out. It also can cover the unattractive seams of a bra if you have an open back style. It acts as a great level of coverage but with a contemporary twist to a cami.

Can I wear it Alone?

Of course! You don't have to place anything under or over a crop top. It is all up to personal comfort. Wearing a top with a high waisted skirt, it is good to follow a few rules.

1)Make sure the waistline of your bottom item covers your belly button. This makes for a more "on trend" style. Its about updating the old trends to current trends and that update is the hidden belly button. 

2) You only want max 1" of skin exposure. If you have too much it begins to look dated and too young. You want to just give the illusion of skin, not let everyone know you had too much cheese for dinner. 

3)Make sure you don't have too much other skin open. If you have on a crop top, more than 1" skin exposed at the waist line, mini skirt and the top is sleeveless, you might end up with having too much open and it distracts from the styling of the outfit. The best way to fix this is to throw over a chic leather jacket that covers up the arms, keeps the balance and still lets your crop top styling take full affect.