Antwerp Coat

Posted: Oct 20 2015

Atelier Delphine - Antwerp Coat

Who Makes It?

This glorious coat is made my Atelier Delphine. This imaginative brand is based out of California, USA where the team designs and manufactures in Los Angeles. They support labour laws and human rights as well as natural materials. 

Atelier Delphine Antwerp Coat

What Is It Made Of? 

Mohair is what causes the unique texture of this coat. Mohair is an ethically sourced hair of hte underbelly of the Angora Goat. This is done by sheering the underbelly of the goat and is done in a way that does not harm the goat. The goat is very important as a happy and healthy goat makes for a better coat and since the coat is only shorn twice a year, it makes this a luxury fibre. It is soft and luxurious with a hair like texture. The coat is unlined which means the warm outer layer keeps you warm without cuasing over heating. 

Atelier Delphine -Antwerp Coat

How do I wear it?

Well the best thing about this coat is that you can dress up or down as much as you want. Going to work? It goes great over leggings with boots. Out to a party? Throw it over your little black dress with a pair of chunky heels and you look like a million bucks. Even with jeans and an oversized clutch, this jacket can take you to brunch with the girls. The unique silhouette and neutral colour make for an ageless coat that will carry with you through life.

Atelier Delphine -Antwerp coat

What Features Does It Have?

This coat carries an unlimited amount of unique features that will set it apart from all the regular coats out there. It is an open front (no closure) which means that while it will sit closed on you, it can be worn a bit off the shoulder, as is, gathered up or any way you want it. You can change the style of your coat every day. It also has unique seaming detail that creates the flare shape at the bottom but also adds a different look to the coat. The texture is also unlike most as it feels like a short hair but it is a shorn underbelly. It is a texture that will have people looking at your coat and constantly asking you about it and you can tell them no animals were harmed! And finally it has pockets. Big deep pockets to store all your secrets in, keep your hands warm or just use them as a posing opportunity to stand on the streets looking fantastic. 

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