Twist Dress

Posted: Oct 01 2015

Study NY Twist Dress -Sustain Luxury

Who Makes It?

The wonder that is the Twist Dress is made by the ever so lovely Study-Ny. The designer Tara St. James works out of Brooklyn, NY and creates a mixture of high quality staples and unique items that create a conversation about the world of fashion today.  
Study NY Twist Dress -Sustain Luxury

What is it Made of?

The best part (or at least one of the many awesome parts) of this dress is that it is made out of Organic Cotton. Organic cotton is delightful because it grows without the use of terrible pesticides that not only can harm the environment but also the health of those who have to grow it, harvest it, spin it and even wear it. Cotton makes this dress even better by making is so comfortable. Being able to wear a dress that moves with you wherever you twist and turn to makes all your wonderus activates even that much more enjoyable. The thickness of the fabric also lends its self to the option to dress it up with heels and chunky jewelry for a night out.

What Does it Go With?

Everything! Well pretty close at least. This dress is great for fall because it hits just below the knee so it adds more warmth for the cooler days. It can be worn alone with a great bag and heels for a more polished look, it goes great with slip-ons and a leather jacket. You can even raise the hem line a bit and wear it with a denim jacket and boots. The versatility of this dress is endless.
This dress is going to solve all your wardrobe dilemmas, it's organic cotton and it is designed and made in New York. Every reason you need to buy something is covered. You're welcome.