How to Get Wrinkles Out Of Leather

Posted: Sep 16 2015

How Do I Keep My Jacket Looking Great?

The great thing about leather jackets (especially sustainable ones made from free range food source) is that they last forever as long as you take care of them. These jackets will take you from fall into winter and then back to spring and can be worn with jeans or gowns. With a jacket that has as many uses as that, you want to keep it looking fancy and new. Sometimes when you travel, pack your jacket away for summer, try to shove it into an already too full closet the jacket can end up wrinkled and not looking it's best. GASP! it is ruined forever....unless you follow these steps to sort it out for the new season.

Shower With It

We mean that jokingly, don't actually take it INTO the shower with you but allow the steam from your shower to relax the wrinkles. Hang your leather jacket onto an outerwear hanger (not a wire hanger as it can shape the shoulders all funky) and place it inside your bathroom on a hook. Give it a bit of a pull on the sleeves and body and then have a shower. Keep the jacket away from the water but close enough to the steam will relax the fabric. After you are done showering, keep the door closed and dry off, give the jacket a little tug again and then give it a few minuets. Sit in the steam and put on a facemask. Once you are done, wash your face and hands and be on your marry way. The wrinkles should have fallen out and your jacket will look spiffy.

Iron It

Oh so carefully! Place your jacket flat down on the ironing board and put the iron on warm (you don't want to go to hot, it wont make it work better or faster, it will hurt your leather). Place a cotton towel over the areas and press out the wrinkles, making sure you move the iron so it doesn't burn one spot. This will work as long as it's not too hot and you keep it moving and make sure you use the PROTECTING towel to keep it from getting burnt.

Blow Dry It

Blow Drying works well because you can tug and pull at the wrinkle while applying heat. Same rule goes for ironing, do not place the heat in one spot for too long, wave the blow dryer around as you would your hair and smooth the wrinkles as you go.


The best way to keep your jacket wrinkle free is to hang it on a wooden hanger in a cedar closet. If you don't have a cedar closet, as most of us do not, make sure it is in a well ventilated area away from direct sunlight and not squished in there!

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