Article 22

Posted: Sep 09 2015

Who Is Article 22?

Article 22 is a brand that is run out of Brooklyn NY. They create a wide arrangement of accessories for both men and women. Simple, elegant and chic combine together to create the beautiful style that they have become known for. The items, which range from cufflinks to necklaces, not only look unique and classic but also hold a great story with them about the horrors of war and the damage it can do to an entire nation. The unique factors of these pieces of art is that the materials used to make them come from melted down scrap of old bomb shelling's that have been left from past wars in the country of Laos.


What is the Story of Laos? 

Between the years of 1964 and 1973, the United States dropped around 2.5 million tons of bombs on Laos. Close to 600,000 bombing runs delivered a staggering amount of explosives: the equivalent of one planeload of bombs every eight minutes for nine years, or one ton of bombs for every person in the country. All of this had made Laos the most bombed country of all time. This created a very unstable home for those living in Laos, the country was being destroyed, their jobs were gone and there was little left for those who survived. The land is now littered in bombs, some still active that have to wait to be dismantled by bomb disposal teams in hopes that someone does not stumble across it as it detonates. The scrap of the shellings has become a normal sight for the residents as many homes, business and areas uses sheeligns for everyday use such as the below planter pot and decoration below.

How Does Article 22 Help?

Article 22 works with the citizens of Laos to purchase bomb and plane scrap that has been deactivated and then works with local artisans and families to melt down and cast into the beautiful jewellery. By making a purchase of an Article 22 item, you are help to demine Laos, give work to the families affected by the bombing and promote your voice on the effects of war.