Study NY

Posted: Sep 02 2015

Who are They? 

In love with the contemporary designs of Study NY? We are to! Study NY is a wonderful group of designers/artisans who are lead by Tara St. James. They design and work out of Brooklyn, New York and use sustainable fabrics in their practice. 

How are They Sustainable?

Both design and fabric are important factors in how Study is sustainable. Creating items such as the Square Dress they try to reduce fabric waste as much as possible. The infinite styling abilities also help to reduce need for continuous buying/throwing away. 

What is So Great About Their Fabric?

Fabric like the one in the above photo (available in the Stripe Twist Dress) are monitored from start to finish. Using fabrics such as hemp, linen and organic cotton, they are making sure their foot print is reduced as much as possible. From weaving to dying, all the items are closely monitored for transparency.