Bamboo Leggings

Posted: Aug 11 2015

Bamboo, What is Good About It?

You hear the term all the time, bamboo shirt, bamboo dress, bamboo pants, and it has become harmonious with sustainability. This is great however lots of people do not know why bamboo is sustainable and why they should really consider it as a fabric of choice.


What is Bamboo?

Bamboo is a type of grass that has a hollow center. It grows in various places around the world and while looks wooden, it is a non-wood. It is a self-regeneration, natural resource that re grows every year. It is quick growing alternative to wood and cotton.

Why is it Sustainable?

It re-grows on its own and very quickly. While the stocks grow in an up direction, the roots travel in a horizontal direction which creates more bamboo plants. Bamboo also consumes carbon dioxide at rapid rates while it is growing. Carbon dioxide is the main contributor to global warming. Growing and harvesting bamboo does not require the use of pesticides, and fertilizers used are often organic. To help put into perspective, the typical tree used in standard wooden fencing can take over 30 years or more to re-grow, with a harvesting cycle that produces less oxygen, consumes less carbon dioxide, and produces more run-off than bamboo. While the older methods of turning bamboo into fabric were created with multiple chemicals, technology has advanced to reduce the chemical and waste reduced used. It is a growing process and industry, which is why it is important to research the bamboo you are wanting to buy.

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So with all these factors into the bamboo - what does this do for you and your needs? Well, it has a natural sheen to it which makes it have a more appealing look without adding chemicals to achieve the same effect. It is easy to wash and dries quickly and can be dried without the use of a machine. The make up of the fibres help those with sensitive skin and skin conditions as it does not create as much friction and rub against as much. It also is very absorbent and wicks water away 4 times faster than cotton, plus it is anti-bacterial so it will not grow and stink the way that cotton does.

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