The Perfect White Blouse

Posted: Jul 23 2015

White Silk Button Up

Everyone knows that fashion is always coming back. It almost seems silly to give anything away these days, just hold on to it and wait for its next turn to come around. The white blouse has been a staple since the first one ever popped up around 3000 BC and was found in a First Dynasty Egyptian tomb at Tarken.

 So for over 5000 years this has been a key item in the everyday humans closet. Picking one that will be an investment doesn’t sound like such a bad idea now, does it? If the style has lasted 5000 years, it might last another few seasons. 


The classic look goes great with work wear or casual wear. Silk is also a great fabric to pick as it is not only so soft and luxurious against your skin but it will biodegrade which means it probably won’t be found in a landfill in the next 5000 years (much unlike our non friend, polyester…gross.) Picking a basic button up with a point collar is something that has been and will be around for ages, plus it goes great alone, under a blazer or even with a sweater or dress. It can be your signature piece that makes you a classic beauty. 


It goes great with jeans for an everyday casual look, or dress it up for the office like we did here with our fair trade skirt. 


Sustain Luxury has this blouse in not only white, but also navy. And if you are feeling bold, an ikat button up is available.

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