Goucho Pants!

Posted: May 10 2015

While basic classics are an investment piece that will last you a life time, statement pieces can be just as alluring. These Goucho Pants may seem like a one time statement piece but they can be worn so many ways, to many different occasions. Styling is the key to making these pants last you a life time. 

Who Makes Them?

These amazing pants are made by sustainable designer Tara St. James, creative director of Study-NY. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Tara St James has lived and worked in New York City. since 2004, and now calls Brooklyn home. St James graduated in 1997 from LaSalle College School of Fashion Design in Montreal. 

In 2011 Study NY was awarded the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Grant for sustainable design. In 2013 St James’ Anti-[fashion]-Calendar was named one of Sustainia100 Solutions for Sustainability, a global iniative spearheaded by Arnold Schwarznegger to promote innovative global solutions across all industries. And in 2014 Study was awarded runner up in the CFDA / Lexus Eco Fashion Challenge


What Are They Made Of?

These bad boys are made of 55% Hemp and 45% of Organic Cotton, which means they are natural and free of pesticides and terrible chemicals like we talked about in "What is Sustainability". Good for the environment, good for you! The designer and her team design and manufacture in their New York studio space. They are part of the entire process which means there is a watchful eye on everything that leaves the space.  

But How Do I Wear Them?

Ah good question. While these are a statement style (meaning not everyone on the block has a pair), they can be hard to mix into your wardrobe without getting a few key ideas in there first! 

Wearing to work is an easy task! Adding a blouson blouse helps to keep the oversized silhouette balanced but because there is a "fit to your size" tab on the pants waistband, you can create a waist by pulling it in for shaping! This way you won't look too over sized while at work. You can also add a heel to create height and the over all proportions make you look taller as the opening is at calf height. 

If you want a more casual look with a more fitted silhouette, then adding a tight fitting top tucked in creates a more sleek look. We added the Barbara I Gongini seamless dress (which also works as a top), to create a more fitted look. It contrasts the opening at the bottom and can be worn with a chunky sandal. This also allows for a cropped jacket (jean or moto) to go overtop without creating too much bulk. 

Lastly, casual as casual comes. These might not seem like something you can wear while running errands or walking your kids to school in, but they for sure are! The fabric is so easy to wear, you don't have to pull of fidget and can adjust as the day goes with the tab waistband (too much for lunch? Adjust!) Wear with a fitted tank or as we have done, our Barbara I Gongini oversized Tee, and throw on a runner or platform sandal and you will be able to last all day no matter what is thrown at you. 

These pants may seem like they are not for you, but they are made with quality fabrics, in New York and will last you a life time. Wear them now, put them away and bring them back in 5 years when you need a refresh, or keep them to pass on to your kids when they want some high fashion vintages pieces! These pants will take you everywhere and keep you looking unique and chic while you create the awesome life around you!