The Boyfriend Blouse!

Posted: Apr 29 2015

We would like to talk today about the Carrie Parry Boyfriend Blouse and all it's glory. This is probably one of the office favourites as we love collars! (quite frankly, who doesn't?) BUT we think it is a great idea to tell you the story behind it so you can better understand WHY it's so great and also, why it has the price that it does ($215.00). 

The Designer 

Carrie Parry went to Central Saint Martins (for those who are less familiar with design schools, that's a pretty darn good one). There she learnt all the skills of the trade and left with the ability to create wonderful garments. Her label launched in 2011 and she wanted to mix her design with great construction and a focus on the environment.


The Fit

Through a mentorship program with Alvanon, the world’s leading fit apparel expert, Carrie Parry accessed the shape and body types of more than 15,000 real women to create the new fit guide. By coupling this data with their extensive fit studies, they provide you with a more flattering, consistent fit and quality that lasts. And because one size does not fit all, we’re dedicated to giving you the best possible style for your body, so whether it’s classic, relaxed, fitted or boyfriend fits, they have you covered, literally. 


The Fabric

At Carrie Parry, they do their best to choose the high quality fabrics that are comprised of as many environmentally-conscious characteristics as possible. Nearly all of the artisinal fabrics are handspun and handwoven and are dyed using azo-free dyes. They try and sample during the off-season in order to bring the factories consistent work, give them a fair-time and pay a fair price. We make sure to not over-produce so that we are not left with unsold goods or extra material. In the future, we hope to upcycle any scraps into small home and fashion accessories.



The Manufacturing 

Carrie Parry does all their designing and manufacturing in New York. Working to get the perfect fit with the high quality fabrics, they make sure that the patterns, marking, cutting and sewing is done in house. This gives great control over workmanship and quality and there is no assembly line to be "audited" or even ignored. It is all right with them.


All in all there are many reasons to purchase this blouse, the fabric is properly sourced, the fit is perfected, the design is so classic you can wear it for years upon years. It is a great basic to your wardrobe and will make you look as good as you feel. Plus, you get to spend the day knowing your outfit shares your voice, you to support and believe in sustainability in fashion.