What is Sustainability? Chapter One

Posted: Apr 18 2015

This is the question that, quite frankly, the answer defines Sustain Luxury. What does this mean and how can it be executed? Is it in the fabric and how it relates to the environment? Or who is manufacturing the items? Or how the company itself functions? The answer is YES, to all three and even more. There is no standard definition of what sustainable means and there is no rule book to follow, however we will talk about what it means to us and how we follow it to help better educate those who want to know! 

The lesson for today? Fabric!!

Fabric and all its glory is step one for us! Everyone loves fabric and how it looks and feels on your body! No one wants to spend the day feeling gross or rashy and everyone wants to look expensive and luxurious (or at least we do over here, to each's own we say!) Fabric however can have a VERY negative impact on the love of our lives (the Earth...duh). The way it is grown, the way it is picked, the way it is processed, the way it is printed (we could go on but we think you get the point....it can be bad). BUT it can also be good. And that is what we want to focus on...good!

For us, natural fabrics like cotton, linen, leather, silk are what we like. (Please note not everyone feels this way). We like that because they come from the earth, when its time to leave our lives, they can go back into the earth (bio-degrade into the ground). However items like cotton and leather can have some undesirable qualities about them. Lets focus on one area that is quite popular in our day-to-day lives...COTTON.

It takes A LOT of water to grow cotton, around 1 800 gallons to grow enough for ONE pair of jeans. It also requires chemicals and pesticides which then go back into the ground and also the air for us to eat and breath. YUCK. These are the reasons that some people are not such fans of cotton (but don't let it scare you away! There are ways to get around it).

So it is important to try and find, where possible, other means of growing cotton. Organic cotton is grown without those terrible pesticides....why is this better? Well we would say the main reason is that the people who are hand picking the cotton (which is still a very popular way to harvest the cotton) are not having to breath in those fumes and get sick from them. That is a great way to help others. It also uses less water, which again is good! Its also better because those chemicals will then seep into the earth and into the soil which will then be used to grow other things (like food we eat). And frankly speaking, we would rather not eat whatever manifest from that in the ground....not for us.

At Sustain Luxury, we have many items that are made of Organic Cotton and are still contemporary and chic. We also try to find fabrics such as Rayon/Linen (also cellulose based fibres) that also use less water and pesticides to grow. Cotton is not evil or terrible but on our end, we try to find you organic solutions to help make you part, even easier.

Button Dress - Study-NY 

One thing we ask from our customers that that when you buy items (from us or anyone that is) we hope you take care of them! The long things last, the less there is to buy, the less there is to waste. Its a cycle that has to be implemented by all parties. When you get jeans, try not to wash them everyday (or every-other day for that matter) because it takes SO MUCH WATER! We ask that reduce the washing and using cold water (hot water takes up energy) is always an awesome way to start being sustainable. Reducing is the key! If you get an item that is cotton, same thing goes, try reducing the washing amount to help save some water. 

It is a learning curve for anyone that wants to try and live a sustainable life. A little bit here, a little bit there all comes together to help reduce our carbon foot print. 

Next post topic? Human Rights! Wooooo