Posted: Apr 15 2015

Welcome to our site! We are more than happy to have you come and see what we are all about. Sustain Luxury was born out of a desire to have fashion get its luster back. Fashion is an art form and is used to express our thoughts, feelings and opinions every day. Using clothes as a gateway into who you are as a person you can control what people think of you when you walk out the door to take over the world! 

The dream started two summers ago while one of our fearless leaders was away taking a fashion course in Lyon, France. Having previously gained an education in Fine Arts (Art History), she wanted to really go to where fashion lived and see what everyone had been talking about. What she found was so much more. 

During her youth she loved fashion, knew all the designers and what they created each season. She dived into book after book, magazine after magazine trying to soak up as much information as she could and she loved every minuet of it. Working part time at retail while going ot school, each step was getting closer and closer to something amazing. 

Then it came to a halt. After taking courses and visiting with large companies, she soon came to realize the horror of Fast Fashion. This large scale, throw away industry that was passing off as fashion became such a fright. There was no thought, design or love that went into these items. The fabric was poor and terrible for the environment, the construction was not adequate as only can be expected when it is just one of the hundreds that one worker had to pump out that day. It was nothing like the books and it seemed like that was all just a dream. 

Then after searching for what seemed only a dream, an entire movement had emerged to her, known as Slow Fashion. It was designers, bloggers, buyers, and admirers, all of which wanted to bring back the time, effort and care that was supposed to be, Fashion. This is what started it all, the desire to create a place that can offer design that does not hurt. Does not hurt the environment and does not hurt other people. The light at the end of the tunnel was becoming brighter and brighter. 

The birth of Sustain Luxury came and everything else followed. A place where sustainability met luxury, it would connect the Canadian market with what seemed like, the once lost art form. Where people could know that when they make a purchase they are adding a positive contribution towards society, and not a negative one. A passion for both human rights/the environment mixed with a love of fashion. 

We welcome you to please shop our store, ask us questions and share if you love what you see. We want to help promote the world and all that is inside it because after all, there is no Planet B. 


The Sustain Lux Team