How Do I Fix Pilling?

Posted: Jun 10 2016

How Do I Fix Pilling?

You buy a new shirt, sweater or dress in a wonderful knit. You’re in love and the relationship is strong. You’re together every day constantly and then out of the blue, your shirt decides they want to start pilling. You agreed, for better or for worse but this is just getting out of hand. What did you do to deserve this? Can you fix it? Don’t worry, we are here to save your relationship and let you know a few tricks of how to avoid this in the future.


Why Did It Pill?

You feel like you put everything you have into this new shirt so is it you or the shirt? Well it’s both. The type of fabric and how you treat it are the biggest factors in pilling. The best way is how you pick a garment, try to pick fabrics that are blended between a synthetic and a natural fabric. These guys do not like each other much and they will let you know. Also the way something is woven or knit (note that your silk shirts don’t pill?) try and find tight knit fabrics and a higher quality which will have it lasting longer. Once your shirt has their issues sorted out, you can work on yours which would be how you’re taking care of the shirt. You need to show it love and respect and washing really can do a number on these guys. Washing is never a great idea and should be avoided as much as possible (keep up good hygiene and get yourself a house shirt so you spill mac and cheese on that instead of your love) to keep everything looking just as you bought it. When you do feel the need to soak in some suds, turn your shirt inside out so there is less for it to rub against in the wash, shirts as very loyal and the less funny business they can get in, the better. Also cold water and delicate is what they love most as hot water damages fibers and too much tumbling around in there can hurt it, shirts need us to be sensitive to their feelings! Once you finished all of that, lay it flat to dry as putting it into a machine is only going to double the damage and you can’t tumble on cold.


It’s Too Late!

Used and abused your shirt and need them to see that you’ve changed? There are ways to get rid of the awful pills that are trying to steal your boyfriend…..err shirt….away from you. There are a few options that you can use. The first is the Laundress New York Sweater Comb which is a manual comb and razor that will pick up the extra little tid bits that are causing you so much grief. You can also use a Fabric shaver like the Evercare Fabric Shaver which has a little motor that will not only cut the pills but also put them in a tiny case so you can easily throw them away.  If you are looking for something portable there is the Dritz Sweater Stone that is almost like a pumice stone, however this could cause more issues on something very delicate and should be used very carefully.


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