Garden Dress

Posted: Apr 30 2016

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and there isn't a cloud in the sky, so what does one do? Throws a garden party! Ok well maybe not specifically that but now that it is getting warm out and you are finding fun new places to go, you need some high quality new items to take you there. We have a dress that will meet all your needs and then some. The Atelier Delphine Garden Dress. This is the dress of all dresses. Why you ask? The Garden dress will take you from day to night, office to patio, picnic to jazz festivals. Below we broke down the dress and everything about it and helped to pair it with some of the best sustainable items to give you styling tips and tricks on how amazing this dress is. 

Garden Dress Atelier Delphine

Tell Me About It!

The Garden Dress is made by one of our most popular designers, Atelier Delphine. They are a vacation wear brand out of California that uses a mix of leisure and Japanese inspiration in both their design and fabrics. The head designer, Yuka travels around the world to bring you hand made, artesian fabrics from Japan, India and USA. She loves style as much as leisure and her amazing line (which you should check out here). If you are someone who loves to be comfortable, stylish and wants to pretend that every day is like a vacation, you will fall for this line, we promise you. The Garden Dress has a silhouette that will make you look like you're ready for a party but feel like you are wearing nothing at all. The silhouette is fitted bodice with a flowy calf length skirt. It is not restricting and has great air flow to keep you cool. The sleeveless style is great for layering and the scoop neck is the perfect shape for adding a statement necklace of your choosing. The calf length is great for a more contemporary style and keeps your ankles in check. You get to offer a little big of leg without getting too steamy. The ruched waist line is the best part of this dress as it creates a dramatic feature that will have everyone stopping you in the street to praise you with compliments. The fabric is unique in that it is silk but has a more canvas feel to it. That is because it is a raw silk, which means it is untreated and has no dyes added to it. This gives it a more rough feeling and a heavier weight to it as well. This adds a new element to the style and keeps it in a more natural and eco friendly state. 

Garden Dress Atelier Delphine

But What Can I Wear It With?

What a question! Thank goodness there are so many answers! This dress looks great on its' own which is awesome. If you are going to a picnic or shopping the best local boutiques you can just go with a big pair of sunglasses, some SPF and a pair of chunky boots. If by chance you want to go to a summer patio the dramatic bottom would balance well with a large floppy hat, a denim jacket and an oversized clutch. If its night time and you are on your way to an outdoor concert, a pair of Chelsea boots, an oversized chunky sweater and a cross body bag will be your best friend. If you prefer something more traditional, a t-strap stiletto sandal with a top knot and statement necklace makes for a very Audrey Hepburn look, classic and chic. This dress silhouette is classic but has the updated twist with the raw fabric, which means this dress will take you not only from day to night but from now till many years down the road. The high point of buying quality items that if you take care of them and love them, you can have them for many years to come. So while the price might be high, the care and quality that goes into it will take you much further than the cheap dress you have to buy 15 times because it keeps falling apart. And as we always say, buy less, choose well. 

Garden Dress Atelier Delphine