Tencel Talk

Posted: Apr 10 2016

It's soft, it's drapey and it's oh so comfortable. Tencel is the way of the future and boy oh boy do we have a lot of it for you. But what is this mystery fabric and why is it something to start to think about when shopping? Don't worry we answer this and more to help you with your shopping needs.

Spense Trouser

What Exactly Is It Made Of?

Tencel is a cellulose base fiber that comes from the eucalyptus plant. It holds similar properties to bamboo and cotton but this new age fiber offers a sustainable process from start to finish. The tress used for the fiber are planted and re-grown in a tree farm, which helps to control deforestation and chemical release. The farming process for the eucalyptus plant has earned Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification that the products come from socially and environmentally responsible forests. As it is a regenerated fiber which means it uses chemicals the break down the pulp, the chemicals used are non-toxic and 99% of the waiter an chemicals used are recycled, making the waste significantly less than other fibers. It can be either a knit or a woven so it supplies a number of needs from a basic t-shirt to a more formal dress. It is soft to the touch, which makes it a very luxurious fabric to wear all day either at the office, or to dinner and the high absorbency of Tencel makes it great for colour as it takes and holds better to make for a richer and higher quality garment. Along with the soft feel, which makes it great for sensitive skin, it is also an anti-bacterial fiber so you can feel cool and comfortable all day.

Wandi Shirtdress

How Do I Maintain It?

 Like any fabric, the better you treat it, the longer it lasts which in turn, is another wonderfully environmentally friendly thing to do. It is quite low maintenance, which is such a wonder for people who don’t have time to perform a dance to get their clothes clean. Gentle cycle on machine wash and using cold water is the best option. Tencel can shrink up to 3% on the first wash so avoiding the dryer will be your best bet, it also reduces the use of electricity and the lack of heat helps to keep the garment looking its best. Its best to steam your items as direct heat can cause harm on the fabric but if an iron is all you have the lowest level heat is needed while not leaving the heat on any spot for too long.



What Can I Use It For?

 Tencel is very close to bamboo and cotton and shares their wonderful properties such as hand feel and breathability. Tencel can be used for things like bedding from pillowcases to down comforters and in clothing from t-shirts to casual skirts. It’s a great fabric for mixing together casual and high-end styles. It is wrinkle resistant which makes it great for pants and skirts as well as jackets and dresses. Easy and flowy styles work great as this fabric has a drape and touch that make for a wonderful silhouette.


A fabric that has many uses and comes from a sustainable process that starts with the growing of the fiber and ends with you, Tencel is something that will be a great investment and something that will leave you happy and content.