What To Wear To The Interview

Posted: Apr 03 2016

You polished up the resume, wrote out a killer cover letter and found the dream job. You applied and sat by the phone for days waiting to them to call you and finally, you scored the interview. Finally they can fall in love with your love of cat videos and your knowledge of celebrity dirt. But what do you wear? After 4 years of sweat pants to class and old hoodies covered in pizza stains while you wrote your weekly papers you don't even know what is socially acceptable anymore! No worries, we have you covered. We wrote out a list of a few key items to keep in mind. 

Show a Little Something?

Low necklines and a little cleavage ok? Nope. Remember you are not trying to get anything from these people other than a fully professional experience so why would you offer anything different? You don't have to be dressed in a turtle neck to stay professional you can have fun with a neckline. Like a Boat Neck style, where the eye is drawn to the stylish lines but it still stays covered and professional. It also shows that you are able to adapt to anything. Our Twist Dress, which also comes in stripe, is great at offering a really sleek neckline.
Study NY Twist Dress
Even adding a chunky neckline can keep the eye draw up closer to your face, which is where you want them looking anyway. Keeping them engaged with you and eye contact is key in an interview. If they are staring at your chest, they might miss what is coming out of your mouth, which is the most important part. 

Panty Hose or Not?

This is a tricky one because what used to be a complete must is now a very optional accessory. These days there are many factors that come into play when trying to think of bare leg or not. 
A line tencel skirt
How long is your skirt? If you have a hemline that is knee length or longer, it can be easier to go sans hose if the office is more creative. The more creative an office the more acceptable it is to be bare. Look into the type of people and environment that comes into the office and their life, if everyone is wear pant suites and full jackets, bare legs will probably be a no go, but if there are jeans and brighter prints then you would probably be ok with exposed legs, as long as the hemline was acceptable. Our Evianna Skirt has a higher waist line and a longer length so its great for office wear. It also has an a-line silhouette so its not too tight! 

Button Ups To Stuffy?

Button ups are such a classic style that everyone has had at least one in their life. Mostly known as a traditional male style, these can be seen as very professional and maybe to dressed up for a casual work place.
Printed Button Up
The trick to keeping your button up dressed down? The fabric. If you go for a non traditional fabric or print it can really take your shirt game to a whole new level. Our line of Carrie Parry button ups are a mix of flowy silks and unique prints. Our Ikat Button Up is such a favourite because the bold print makes it so stylish can can be printed with almost anything. Either button it up all the way and wear with a chunky necklace or undo a couple buttons for a more open and airy look, this will go great with a basic pant or with a contrast print. 

You Got This

Keep in mind that your personal style is important but so is knowing that you are going to be in a community with many other people and many other tastes. The best bet is to find out what makes you happy while keeping you working your hardest. Maybe the mini skirt and crop to pis best saved for the nighttime activities while your slick sheath and printed blouse takes you to the next level if your awesome career.